My Other Crafts

Since it's been fun to have a mini-photo-gallery
of some of the quilt projects that I've worked on (My Quilts page) ...

I present, in no particular order, the non-quilt craft projects
that I've worked on and blogged about. 

Details, additional photos, and blog links
will be added as I have the time.

Click on any picture for an up-close view.

Beaded necklace ... part of a matching set.
Blogged here.

Bead necklaces, for one of my daughters.
Blogged here.

Beaded necklaces, multi-colored.
Blogged here.

Little napkins, made from thrifted fabric.
Blogged here.

Napkins, made from a cotton duvet-cover.
Blogged here.

Kitchen linens, made from
recycled cotton tablecloths.
Blogged here.

Kitchen towels ...
Included in this blog post about
recycling cotton tablecloths into kitchen linens

T-Shirt yarn ...
Included in this blog post.

Doormat made from T-Shirt Yarn
Included in this blog post.

Another Pine Needle Basket
Blogged here.

Hand-Knitted Socks! Blogged here.

I crocheted some tiny doilies,
to include in a doily quilt.
The crocheting blog post is here.

More knitted socks. Blogged here.

Made some candles ...
Blogged here.
Tiny pine needle basket
Blogged here

Plastic-bag bag, crocheted and lined with a mailing bag.
Blogged here

Pine needle basket for business cards
Blogged here

T-shirt yarn rug
Blogged here

Pine needle basket - my first one!
This one appears in this blog post.

T-shirt-yarn rug
Blogged here

Resizing a thrift-store-shirt!
Blogged here

Crocheted plastic-bag bag
Not sure where I blogged this one ...

Crocheted plastic-bag bags,
both of which I've used as purses
Blogged here

T-shirt yarn bag, crocheted
Blogged here

Rug crocheted from T-shirt yarn. This one's in my kitchen
Blogged here

T-shirt yarn rug, crocheted
Blogged here

My favorite socks
...mentioned in blog posts here and here

Christmas fabric decorations.
Blogged here

Christmas Tree Skirt
Blogged here

Knitted Lavendar socks
Blogged here

One of my all-time favorite plastic bag bags ...
Mentioned in a blog post somewhere ...

Mini-quilty Coasters
Blogged here

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