Friday, June 29, 2012

Crocheted Plastic Bag Bags

So, I've had this cute little tiny crocheted plastic bag bag. You know, the kind that's crocheted out of plastic Wal-mart bags. 

Since it's lined with a sturdy mailer-type plastic bag (also recycled), I've been using it as a tiny purse.

The kind of purse that holds only the essentials: wallet, keys, phone, (and of course, chewing gum whenever possible!)

But, since that one was a little crammed, I made a new one. Everything fits inside the new purse without sticking out the top.

This one's also lined with one of those mailing bags, so that nothing little falls out the "holes" in the crochet.

I'm loving that my Wal-Mart is switching over to gray bags from their usual white. This bag has some gray, some white, and some white-and-purple bags from Taco Bell.

For size comparison, here's the old, next to the new.

1 comment:

  1. I couldnt find the pattern for theses walmart bags. Please help would love to make these. Thanks


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