Saturday, June 30, 2018

25-Patch Quilt Top!

The quilt top is done!

25-Patch blocks alternated with Mosaic neutral blocks.

Those white-and-cream blocks ... Are they "made fabric" blocks? Yes! Are they "scrap vortex" blocks? Yes! Not sure what to call them. But I love them!

This quilt top even looks cool from the BACK! 

From the back, it reminds me of a stained-glass window. (Which reminds me ... I have a couple kinds of stained-glass window quilts that I'd love to make!)

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Whatever Wednesday

Here's my Wednesday report on random projects:

This crumb quilt is nearly ready for quilting. It's a baby quilt for a friend. It needs a border, and the backing needs a patchwork insert to bring it up to size. I'm planning on black-and-white striped binding.


All 32 of my 25-patch blocks are ready, and all 31 of my neutral "made fabric" (a.k.a. "scrap vortex") blocks are ready. I'm starting to assemble them! It should make a twin-size quilt.


The Pumpkins quilt top is done -- I love the look of it with the borders on! Next up, I need to tweak the backing so it's the right size, and then ... quilting!


In knitting news, I realized I haven't yet posted a picture of the finished purple socks.

 And, since early May, I've been working on a new pair of socks.

And, in the "whatever" category, I've been trying to add some color to my flowerbeds, so these clearance items from Lowe's should help!


I'm linking this post to this week's Whatever Wednesday at Jo's Country Junction.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

25-patch quilt in progress

This has been one of my recent projects ...

Beautiful coordinating fabrics cut into little squares ...

Lots of assembling of 25-patches ...

Did I mention lots of assembling? I've got 30 blocks; need 32.

Here's a look at my layout: 25-patches, with scrap-vortex-style neutral blocks in between.

And the paper version of the layout ...

More pictures soon!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Vintage Dresden Plate Quilt

Every now and then, I realize that there are some quilts I've worked on that I never blogged about. So, from time to time, I'll try to "catch up" and blog about them.

This gorgeous Dresden Plate quilt top was made by my great-great-grandmother. The Dresden Plates were stitched by hand!

My mom was privileged to inherit several pieces of her great-grandmother's handiwork, including a couple of finished quilts, and a few quilt tops.

This is one of those quilt tops. A few years ago, my mom asked if I could quilt it, along with three other quilt tops that had waited so long to be quilted.

I spent a long time planning and procrastinating on the Dresden Plate, worrying about how to machine-quilt such a beautiful vintage piece. I needed to be able to give it stability without detracting from its awesomeness. I finally settled on a design, and finished the quilting.

I'll be posting pictures of the finished quilt soon, with more pictures!

One of the (many!) really cool things about this quilt is that this is an unfinished project of my Great-great grandmother's. She died before I was born. So, I never got to see her hand-stitch her many quilt projects. But it feels pretty good to have shared in finishing this project of hers.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Whatever Wednesday ... on Thursday ... Whatever!

One of my favorite blogs has a link party to report progress on projects. It used to be just for quilts ("UFO Challenge"); now it's for whatever sorts of projects are in progress ("Whatever Wednesday"). The link party is a great reminder to keep little bits of progress happening!!

I'm late posting, since it's no longer Wednesday, but here goes:

I've been trying to finish some quilting projects. This is good, because I'm constantly brainstorming new ways to use up fabric scraps (read: I'm constantly starting new projects!).

This week, I finally finished quilting the 1008 Squares quilt. 
I even cut binding for it yesterday, and put the binding on today! 


I started this one a long time ago. 
I blogged about starting it over three years ago. 
It quickly progressed to being a quilt top
More recently, it finally got borders
And, and it feels good to be getting it done. I'm loving the striped binding!

Also, in the past few days, I finished assembling the pumpkins part of the Pumpkins quilt top.

(The Pumpkins quilt was previously blogged here and  here.) The first border is on. Next up: the patchwork border! 

To make this a reversible quilt, my super-scrappy rendition of "Connect Four" (blogged here) is ready to be the quilt back. It still needs a plain border to bring it up to size. 

And, in my neverending quest to sew up some of my fabric, I started some 25-patches in muted colors. Lots of little squares!


So, that's my quick rundown of (some of) what I've been working on.
I'm linking this post to this week's "Whatever Wednesday" at Jo's Country Junction. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Today's quilting

This is my 1008-squares quilt, almost finished!

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