Thursday, April 30, 2015

A thousand little squares

I'm in the process of sewing together over a thousand little squares ...

It's impossible to say for sure what this one will become, but so far, it's looking like a twin-size quilt, and I have high hopes for it.

I've got all these little squares ... A rainbow of solids, (and prints/stripes/batiks that "read like solids", as quilters like to say), with a variety of whites ... They're all cut at 2 1/2 inches, to finish at 2 inches.

They're all sewn into 4-patches, and each 4-patch is sewn to another. (Is there a name for that? 8-patch? 2x4? Half-a-16-patch? No idea.)

Look for more pictures of this one later, when more progress has happened.

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