Wednesday, February 7, 2018

UFO Progress this week

This past weekend, I made some progress on another elaborate quilt back. Lately, in an effort to use what I have instead of buying more, I've been coming up with some really fun quilt backs.

Actually, by piecing a quilt front AND piecing a quilt back: both will be interesting, and both will use LOTS of scraps!

So, here's what's going on with this one. I've been needing fabric for a back to my pumpkins quilt. My favorite thrift store has recently had a "Free" box outside in front of the store. Occasionally, there's free FABRIC in that box, which is pretty awesome.

When this plain brown fabric was there for free (5 yards!?), I was delighted. Even though I thought of having a plain, solid brown quilt back, that felt boring. Besides, I've got lots of scraps.

ALSO - I've been wanting to try a quilt from this book: Country Girl Modern (written by Jo and Kelli from Jo's Country Junction!) ... See the quilt in the upper-right hand corner of the book cover? That one.

The quilt design is called Connect Four. Since I needed big blocks with small scraps, I changed up the size/construction of the blocks to work with the scrappy pieces I mentioned at the end of this post. Similar idea to Jo's design, though, and it's my inspiration. 

In other news, I'm making progress on the latest sock-knitting!

So, that's my UFO report for the week. I'm linking this post to the weekly UFO Challenge at Jo's Country Junction.

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