Wednesday, January 24, 2018

UFOs Again

This week's Wednesday UFO report:

My Vintage-Inspired English Paper Piecing has finally seen some progress!

ProsperityStuff Vintage-Inspired English Paper Piecing

That left and top border have gotten another row of diamonds since last week. (See the "before/during" pic below.)

ProsperityStuff Vintage-Inspired EPP in progress
The current cream-and-white border is almost complete. It needs one more neutral row (almost 100 diamonds), and then a colorful row. I'm not sure what's next after that.

ProsperityStuff Vintage-Inspired EPP Quilt Close-up

I'm working on my (elaborate) quilt back for my weather quilt. I've got about 130 of these (8-inch) triangle blocks made, which is plenty.

ProsperityStuff Scrap Triangle Quilt Blocks

Lots of progress on this, and lots of scraps being incorporated! 

ProsperityStuff Scrap triangles cut

(This process has, of course, resulted in a bunch more colorful stuff partially assembled, which will become part of another project.)

ProsperityStuff Scrap Quilt bits

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