Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Little Napkins

Cloth napkins are nice to have around. But, if they were expensive, I'd be hesitant to use them, and stain them, and wear them out.

Problem solved. I made some cheap (really cute!) napkins.

ProsperityStuff Plaid Napkin - fan fold

Thanks to the thrift store (again), I got some great cotton fabric - enough for 8 little napkins - for a grand total of $2. At the cost of a quarter apiece, I have no problem with using them, washing them, even bleaching them if they get stained. 

ProsperityStuff Napkins - pastel plaids & stripes

Last week, I spent a while with my serger, giving these little napkins a narrow rolled hem. 

ProsperityStuff Serger-Rolled-Hem on napkin

This fabric was actually a pillow sham in near-perfect condition at the thrift store for $2.00. I have no use for a pillow sham, but I loved the cute fabric and the fact that it's 100% cotton. 

(One of my pet peeves is the fact that those polyester napkins at restaurants aren't absorbent at all; I needed cotton napkins!) While I was cutting up the pillow sham, I noticed the tag: Tommy Hilfiger (one of my favorite "fabric designers")! Too funny.

ProsperityStuff recycles Tommy Hilfiger Pillow Sham into napkins

While I was making these, I remembered the blue/white plaid fabric leftover from the tea towels I'd made out of a (thrift store) tablecloth (the ones I embellished with very tiny English-Paper-Pieced hexagons). 

So, I made four napkins out of the blue/white plaid, and four each of the blue/white stripe and the colorful plaid.

ProsperityStuff Napkins - striped & plaid

These napkins are about 12 inches square -- just little napkins. Just right for grabbing with a quick breakfast or lunch.

ProsperityStuff 12-inch napkins

I think they're adorable. AND, we're using them lots!

ProsperityStuff Homemade Napkin - fan fold

Setting the table for breakfast is more fun when you've got cute bowls (gotta love Dollar Tree!) and cute napkins!

Glass Bowls, Homemade Napkins, Cheerios for breakfast

While I was on a roll, and while I was finding thrift-store deals, I bought some more awesome cotton, and made some regular-sized dinner napkins from some other fabric I fell in love with. 

More on that another day. Stay tuned ...


  1. Susie, you strike again! Way to go, IdaHO!

  2. I love your idea. I have made dishtowels from an old flannel comforter cover. They are absorbant and can be washed like crazy. Also dishcloths from Flannel that is loosely woven.


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