Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Embellished Towels

I've been finding some fun things to do with my Very Tiny Hexagons (see previous posts here and here. You might also remember this post, where I embellished my now-favorite pot holders.)

Recently, I found another spot where I didn't realize I needed tiny hexagons: cotton towels. The kind of towels I use to line a bread basket, or to cover rising bread dough.

These towels started life as a tablecloth. I found the tablecloth for a couple dollars, and loved it: Plain white cotton with simple blue stripes in a big round tablecloth that I have no use for. But for a couple dollars, I knew I could find a use for it!

I cut four towels in my favorite size & serged the edges. (The remainder of the tablecloth is waiting to see if the rest of the towels need to be that size, or another size.) 

The addition of a very tiny hexagon was just what each towel needed.

So, now I have adorable towels with tiny hexagon flowers that make me smile.

And, oddly, with my new favorite towels and my new favorite pot holders, I've been getting more inspired to bake awesome things.

In fact, I think I've baked more in the past couple weeks than in the previous few months combined! Haven't heard any complaints about that, though, so it must be a good thing!

The fun thing about these tiny hexagons, is that when I wash the towels, the tiny hexagons crinkle up like real quilts do, which I think is adorable. (It's the little things ...)

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  1. Such a great idea! You know what I'll be doing later.....


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