Friday, May 4, 2012

T-Shirt "Yarn" Rug

I've had a stack of t-shirts-to-make-into-something.
A couple of stacks, actually.

Some of them got made into something this week: T-Shirt "Yarn". And a T-Shirt "Yarn" Rug.

I came across a great tutorial that makes it really easy to cut a single loooooong piece of "yarn" out of a t-shirt. 

Cutting the "yarn" was surprisingly easy. Crocheting went surprisingly fast. The "yarn" turns sort of round-and-bulky, and crochets really nicely, without looking "raggedy". It was just the look I was hoping for.

I saw a cute, tiny rug made of t-shirt "yarn" at this blog, and liked the inspiration.

Another piece of inspiration came from this tutorial. I didn't want to braid, or use "regular" fabric like the tutorial, but I loved the look, with lots of white. So, I was glad I had lots of white t-shirts for t-shirt "yarn". (I love the bright look, even though I have a feeling that, despite the rug's washability, these white stripes will never be this white again!)

It's a little rug to go in front of my kitchen sink. The rug measures about 26" x 15" -- so it's little, but it's just the right size to fit in front of the sink, without being in the way.

This little rug reminds me of the multi-colored rugs my grandmother always seemed to have in her kitchen. Bright and cheery. Colorful. Fun to walk on.

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