Monday, June 4, 2012

More T-Shirt Crochet

A couple times, I've mentioned making cool stuff out of t-shirt yarn.
I've been at it again.

This one was fun. It's made from t-shirts in reds, pinks, & purples, with lots of white.

Actually, this one was going to be a round rug.

But after I made it, I really didn't like it. Something about the almost-symmetrical-but-not-quite design. The kind-of-a-pattern look that didn't quite make it. I left it for a couple weeks to think about it and then took it out.

I like the rectangle version much, much better.


It's a nice size, and I'll probably list it on Etsy or eBay soon.

And, of course, "the next project" idea is always running through my head. I just finished up another rug - similar, but way different. Pictures soon!

1 comment:

  1. darn! i just donated a whole bunch of old t-shirts to goodwill when i totally could have used them for something like this! oh well. i've been trying hard to de-clutter my life, so purging a bunch of stuff and giving it to charity felt pretty good, lol. i agree, the rectangle version agrees with me more too! very nice :D


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