Thursday, January 26, 2012

Socks ...

In case anyone was wondering, I'm getting a lot done on those socks I mentioned last week. I like the idea of working on having two sets of knitting needles, and knitting both socks at once ... it's working well. Between a couple hours a week of sitting at kid-basketball practice, and the occasional knitting-during-a-movie, I've gotten lots knitted.

I love the stripes. These stripes are more predictable than the ones in the other striped socks I made (below), but they're still fun! And, I'm loving how fast the "just knit" stitch goes. My lavendar socks had a fun mock-cable pattern, and my favorite socks (below) are nice and snug with ribbing all the way, so this "just knit" seems like a breeze, and it's going fast!

My favorite knitted socks (below) get a lot of use ... they're partly wool (washable!) so they're super warm, and great for chilly days, and I love the color combination! (I knitted these a couple years ago from Heart & Sole "Berry Bliss" yarn from Red Heart). 

I figure, with so many colors, these socks go with everything, right?! :-)
I love them.


  1. Ha, ha, it is just so funny the way you are presenting your socks!, genious!.

  2. Love your socks! I always seem to manage knitting one sock and then losing interest in the pattern {probably because I'm the world's slowest knitter} before finishing the second. I think I have skeins of both of these colors in my stash, so maybe I'll have to try two at once! Thanks for the inspiration and happy knitting. :)

  3. Where can I get the pattern for these, what is the level of expertise? Thank you.


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