Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Finished Socks ...

A couple of times, I've mentioned the lavendar socks I've been knitting ... This weekend, during some Christmas-Eve-relaxing time, I got the toes finished on the socks! 

The timing was perfect for finishing these - partly because I had just enough time to sit and knit over the weekend, and partly because a certain small helper of mine had spilled my coffee on the sock-project the day before.  (Yes. Coffee. With sugar and cream. Right into the partly-open-ziplock-bag full of sock-knitting.) So, my dilemma was whether to finish the socks soon so I could wash them, or whether to somehow wash the socks-and-yarn and then let-it-all-dry before finishing. I just knitted the socks-that-smelled-like-coffee ... and washed them afterward. Too funny! 

I mentioned these socks in a couple of previous blog posts (here and here) - I'm so pleased to have these finished! 

Stay tuned for more knitting news! I've got some really cute self-striping sock yarn to start my next pair of socks ...

1 comment:

  1. OH !!! what amazing socks...you are so clever.


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