Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dinner Napkins ... and more little napkins

So, after the success of the little napkins project, I started thinking: If those were so easy, I could certainly make some regular-sized dinner napkins. 16 inches square. Serged edges. All cotton.

And if I had my choice, I'd pick some combination of blue and green. Maybe plaid.

Next trip to the thrift store, guess what? I found my blue, my green, my plaid, my 100% cotton -- all in one almost-new duvet cover. 

Enough for 16 blue dinner-sized napkins ... 

... and 16 plaid dinner-sized napkins ... 

... AND 4 plaid and 4 blue 12-inch napkins. 

Quick math: $10 duvet cover becomes 40 napkins. Again, I've got napkins I love for 25¢ each. 
Nice. Very nice.

And, again, with awesome napkins, one can do really fun things with table-settings! ("Restaurant Silverware!" the kids exclaimed, when I rolled the silverware in the napkins.)

My oldest daughter raised her eyebrows when she realized that I was making that many dozens of napkins. But actually, we're using them. 

And I'm loving the nearly-endless basket of napkins that now lives on top of the microwave.
THIS is one of the reasons I sew: To create something practical & usable for a price I love!

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