Thursday, December 20, 2012

More Fleece-and-Jeans Quilting ...

In the past few weeks, I've been sewing a lot of denim & jeans ... with pleasing results. :-)
Here's the latest fleece-and-jeans quilt.

ProsperityStuff Denim Jeans Quilt Top

(Apparently, it's all the rage to take quilt pictures with one's feet in the picture. No one's sure why. But, since I was wearing my favorite socks, I can go with it here ...)

ProsperityStuff Denim Jeans Quilt - and knitted socks

This fleece-and-jeans quilt is a wedding gift for a friend who's getting married soon - so I had fun with the little custom detail of including their initials with a heart between ...

ProsperityStuff Fleece & Jeans Quilt

It's about the size of my couch, so it makes a good (big) throw-size quilt that's warm & fuzzy ...

ProsperityStuff Fleece & Jeans throw-quilt on couch

Putting congratulations & best wishes into tangible form - into something warm and cozy - into something unique and customized - that's my kind of fun!

ProsperityStuff Fleece & Jeans Blanket wrapped with bow

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