Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Decorations!

I'm not a big decorator. And I'm OK with that.
But every now and then, a fun idea seems worth the trouble ... so, here's my latest Christmas decorating effort.

ProsperityStuff Christmas Fabric in Embroidery Hoops

About a year ago, I read in somebody's quilt blog (can't remember which one!) that quilt bloggers sometimes decorate their walls with favorite fabrics in embroidery hoops. 
(Update: I found a couple of the links that inspired me: See some great pictures here, and a quick tutorial here.)

More recently, I heard that regular people like this idea, too, especially for Christmas fabrics, since the hoops look a little like Christmas-tree-ornaments. (Thanks for the inspiration, Sara!)

ProsperityStuff Fabric in Wooden Embroidery Hoops

My new-favorite Christmas fabric that was leftover from the tree-skirt (see yesterday's post) made it into the biggest embroidery hoop. Add to that a couple of Christmassy remnants I'd already bought, and a couple of Christmas-colored fabrics that were given to me, and the rest of the embroidery-hoop frames were filled!

ProsperityStuff Fabric Embroidery Hoop Wall Decorations

While not strictly a Christmas print, the one in the lower left is one of my favorites, since I love seeing cardinals in the winter, and since the house in the "picture" is a great representation of home & family, which are such a blessing.

ProsperityStuff Fabric in Embroidery Hoop "Frames"

I like the way this little set turned out. I'm enjoying my little fabric-collection decoration so much that I'm trying to figure out what to do with it after Christmas - Debating about maybe switching out the fabrics, to match the seasons ... Or finding more thrift-store hoops for another set of fabrics for when spring is on its way, so that I can keep this set for the Christmas box!

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