Friday, January 10, 2014

Fleece and T-SHIRT Quilt

This was a fun finish. Solid T-shirt squares stitched into a quilt top, quilted onto fleece.

For a while, I've been wanting to make a T-shirt quilt, but haven't ever had a stack of my own T-shirts that I wanted to cut up.

But then, when I was cutting that stack of T-shirts into T-shirt yarn, I made squares out of the extra T-shirt fabric ...

... and made a quilt!

The back of the quilt is made from a new fleece blanket - super-soft, washable, just right!

Free-motion quilting on a fleece-and-T-shirt quilt wasn't as easy as "the usual", but it wasn't too tough, either.

This is a small throw quilt, measuring 46" x 58", and it's for sale on eBay this week.

Inspiration for this layout came from this quilt I saw on Pinterest. (See other quilt ideas, quilting technique ideas, and my own projects on my Pinterest profile.)

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