Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Kaleidoscope Finish!

Several years ago, while expanding my quilt-making horizons (thank you, Internet!), I discovered the wonder that is the Kaleidoscope Quilt. I've been loving kaleidoscope quilts ever since!

The floral fabric for this quilt was actually a twin-sized sheet I bought at a thrift store. It was so pretty, and just the thing for floral kaleidoscopes. In fact, I loved the sheet so much, it didn't even matter to me that I was buying a cotton/polyester blend sheet for quilting. :-) It works. The solid gray and the gray/blue print fabrics are both new, cotton sheets. I love the way the colors work together.

This one's been in progress for several months - see this post from September.

Like most quilt projects, the repetition of sewing piece-after-piece-after-piece gets - well - repetitive, but it's good to see milestones like the ones in this post from November.

I quilted this one all over with my favorite free-motion meander. I love the soft texture the quilting gives.

I've decided that I like little custom-details, like the extra curlicues in the gray border near the bottom of the picture below ...

I love a good kaleidoscope!

This quilt is 51" x 62" ~ my favorite size for a "couch quilt"!

And, here's the back of the quilt.

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