Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Floral Kaleidoscopes - Love them!

I've discovered that I LOVE floral kaleidoscopes in quilts. 
The green one I made a couple years ago has become a family favorite.

And some of the time, I find fabric that just LOOKS like it would make an awesome kaleidoscope.
This fabric was a sheet from the thrift store. (My kids are amused when I see "normal stuff" as "fabric", instead of as the garment or household linen that it actually is.) 

It's not exactly vintage, and not exactly all-cotton. But I loved it, and thought it would make a great kaleidoscope. 

Turns out, I was right: It makes a great kaleidoscope. Love the colors, the roses, the uniqueness of each of the (70+) kaleidoscopes I sewed up the other day.

I'm planning to set these blocks with some solid light-blue-grey in between, to give these blocks a layout like the green one I mentioned above, minus the piano-key border, plus a plain border made of the-rest-of-the-sheet.


  1. Your floral kaleidoscope blocks are so wonderful. Can`t wait to see more.

  2. These are beautiful! Love the softness!


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