Friday, February 3, 2012

Finished Green Floral Kaleidoscopes!

Remember these kaleidoscopes from this post? The picture was taken at least two years ago. 

These kaleidoscopes have finally become something useful! My new favorite living-room quilt!

This was the quilt top I just couldn't sell. I was going to, and I sold a few similar ones on eBay, but decided this one was definitely a keeper. 

I found a great backing fabric on sale a few weeks ago that's just right ... 

And, with a chance to do some late-night-quilting this week, I got it finished up! 
I did some simple (un-perfect) free-motion meandering all over, and straight lines on the border. The backing was just the right size to turn the backing-edges around to the front. (Which was a good thing. Because I forgot to buy any extra for binding!) 

Here's a little before - and - after ... Pin-basted, then quilted.

Needless to say, everybody at my house has had fun trying out the new quilt that's on the couch. (Although the kids did protest my putting away the Christmas Quilt that has lived in the living room since I finished it in December! Time for a spring quilt!)

So, my springtime living-room quilt is done! It's 65" x 56", which is a great size. Not too big, not too small. 

And, no, I don't generally make myself seasonal quilts. But when I realized how nice it was to have a Christmas Quilt around, a cozy quilt that was already in the living room when anybody wanted it, I decided I could probably come up with a springtime quilt. So, here it is. We probably don't need a summertime quilt, although the kids think the yo-yo project would fit the bill for a summer quilt! (I think that one's going to take a while, and I'm not convinced that yo-yos would make a sturdy enough livingroom quilt. We shall see.) And, my daughter's quilting project looks like a good fall quilt. She thinks so, too, and that should give her plenty of time to work on it.

One more look at the springtime quilt ...

When I first started following quilt blogs, Crazy Mom Quilts caught my eye, and I've been loving that blog ever since. Great inspiration. Crazy Mom Quilts has a fun link party weekly, called Finish It Up Friday. I'm linking this post there. Check this week's Finish It Up Friday for links to lots of other things that other quilters have been finishing up this week!

Another fun blog with a Friday link party is AmyLouWho ~ At her weekly Sew and Tell post, you can see pics & links for some great projects that have been in the works & finished this week.
Here's the link for this week's Sew and Tell Friday.

Have a great Friday!


  1. that is SUCH a beautiful quilt! how wonderful that you ended up keeping it, finishing it and that you get to use it. it's fanatastic!

    thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday! and thanks for your kind words about my blog, too. xo

  2. WOW!!! This quilt looks fabulous! Great finish :)

  3. looks great. And I love the binding

  4. Really beautiful quilt. Nicely done!

  5. That is just beautiful! Wonderful finish! :o)

  6. Really pretty! I love that your family loves your quilts!

    1. Wow, wunderschön. Tolle Arbeit.
      Grit from Germany


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