Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random Yo-Yos ...

A couple of years ago, a friend mentioned that she'd love to learn how to make old-fashioned yo-yo quilts ... neither she nor I had ever made a yo-yo, but we both thought it would be fun. As it turns out, each of us went home and searched Google for the how-to details!

I recently rediscovered my stack of little yo-yos, and I'm once again delighted with the fun randomness of these. Even though I usually like an "organized" feel to my quilting, I'm loving the non-organized look here.

ProsperityStuff Random Quilt YoYos

Lots of these fabrics make me smile, because they remind me of what else I made with that fabric, or where that fabric came from ... I love the colors and the circles and the spaces between ...

ProsperityStuff Quilt YoYos Closeup

Since the Christmas Hexagons are just about done, I needed some hand-work to put in my favorite bag-to-grab-when-I'm-going-somewhere ... Recently, I pulled out the fun, random yo-yos and worked a little while.

ProsperityStuff Quilt YoYos

One of the fun things about sewing when other people are around (which is all the time unless everybody's asleep) is that sometimes, somebody wants to learn "how you do that". That's neat, because usually they discover that it's not hard, and it's pretty fun! My middle daughter sat with me and made a couple of yo-yos ...
ProsperityStuff 2 Little Quilt YoYos

Right now, I'm sewing the random yo-yos in groups of 16, so that they're partially assembled, with some flexibility in how I eventually work the layout.

ProsperityStuff Quilt YoYo 16s

I also have some blue yo-yos happening in another project-bag ....
Maybe I'll blog about those another day ...

Take Your Time Tuesday at So Happy is a fun spot to mention hand-stitching work like this ... So I'm planning to link this post to this week's Take Your Time Tuesday ...

Fabric Tuesday at QuiltStory is another fun place to see fabric projects of all kinds, and I'm linking this post to this week's Fabric Tuesday, as well. (Click the button below for the most recent Fabric Tuesday).

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  1. Love all of your yo-yos! I made a christmas tree out of some last year:)

  2. Yo-Yos are too much fun! I'd love to see the blue ones too. I always have a zipper pouch for those take with you projects too.

  3. Who doesn't love yo-yos? They are so cute, and the possibilities are endless. I've handmade a few Yoyo Zipper Pouches. Take a look:http://www.etsy.com/shop/jesslope


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