Friday, December 9, 2011

Finished Christmas Hexagons Quilt!

I'm really pleased to have FINISHED my Christmas Quilt!

It's a nice throw-size quilt for the living room. It measures about 58" x 58".  I was surprised when I was laying out the background that a square was what I needed. The hexagon design looked so much taller than it was wide. Not so. It needed an exact square. ( I know, the picture looks long, but it's square!)

A certain little person keeps showing up in the living room and saying "My toes are cold ...", which is a hint for "I need to test the new quilt again!" 

In the past couple of days, I've been doing a lot of this:

And the backing is an awesome beige floral. The backing was surprisingly cooperative with the quilting process. Even so, this is the only view of the back that you get to see, because, actually, a lot of the rest of the back is really quite un-perfect. But I'm totally OK with that, and soooo pleased to have this fun quilt useable. :-)

A little before and after:

This quilt is very densely quilted! And here I thought I was going big on the free-motion "doodles"! Actually, I used up more than an ENTIRE bobbin of NYLON thread. My nylon thread is so fine that a TON of thread fits on a bobbin ... and I've NEVER used up a whole bobbin in a day! But then, this is the biggest quilt I've ever quilted this way. (It's about 58" x 58".)

It's been fun to take this quilt from these pictures below (taken in June, while I was figuring this out) to the finished product that's folded and sitting in my rocking chair. Merry Christmas!


In other finishing-things-up news, I blogged earlier this week about a couple of neat quilt tops I finished: 


The Mini-Kaleidoscopes Quilt Top was lots of fun, and I really love the big Color Splash Quilt Top. Busy week!

I'm linking this post to Finish it up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts, and Sew and Tell Friday at AmyLouWho ... Both of these are great places to see what others have been working on! Lots of projects being finished up!


  1. I love hexagons! With a beautiful quilt top like this small imperfections only makes it more unique!!

  2. What great projects! Your Christmas quilt is just gorgeous. I did a lot of that free-motion doodling myself this week. Yours looks terrific! ;o)

  3. Beautiful job. Very festive quilt.

  4. Congratulations on your finish! Such a beautiful quilt and your quilting looks awesome!

  5. Wow you are sooo talented. I love it!
    Thanks for popping by!

  6. Wonderful finish! I love the colors and I find it so cool that there are novelty prints and nonholiday prints, and it looks so perfect together enjoy it!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my little green hexagon mug rug. I had to come over and find the quilt you mentioned to me. This is gorgeous!! Completely solves the problem of how to bind hexagons. Thanks for sharing!


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