Monday, December 5, 2011

Mini Kaleidoscopes ...

This weekend, I finished up a cute Mini Quilt Top ...
ProsperityStuff Mini Kaleidoscope Quilt Top

There are a lot of things I like about this kind of Kaleidoscope. This is the "stacked posies" kind, made from just 4 identical squares. Easy to cut. Quick to sew. Here's my little stack of pieces ready to sew.
ProsperityStuff Mini Kaleidoscope Quilt Pieces

I love the symmetry, and the beautiful simplicity ... Here are a few of my favorite blocks ... and they're all made from the same floral fabric!
ProsperityStuff Mini Kaleidoscope Quilt Blocks

Layouts are fun ...
ProsperityStuff Mini Kaleidoscope Quilt Layout

Setting them diamond-style meant that in addition to setting squares, I needed triangles for the sides ... Here are the blocks sewn to the setting squares, ready for the triangles ...
ProsperityStuff Mini Kaleidoscope Quilt Process

Stitched up, with borders in the same floral print and the same white-on-cream as the background ...
ProsperityStuff Mini Kaleidoscope Quilt Top

And, now the Kaleidoscope Mini Quilt Top is listed on eBay, so that someone can have fun quilting it! See this eBay listing, or if that link doesn't work, try this list of all my eBay items.

I love seeing mini-quilt projects come together. Elizabeth at Pieceful Life has a weekly spot for bloggers to report on their latest Mini-Quilt projects. If you have a minute, stop by and visit this week's Little Quilt Monday ... I'm linking this post there ... Have a great Monday!

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  1. Oh wow, your little mini quilt is darling! I will have to try this sometime soon. Thank you for linking up to LQM : )


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