Thursday, November 21, 2013

Vintage-Inspired Floral Kaleidoscopes

I've almost finished a new quilt top. 
I love hexagon kaleidoscopes!

I mentioned these kaleidoscopes in my September post about Floral Kaleidoscopes. This quilt top uses about half of the kaleidoscopes I made in September. (Which means I can make another quilt soon!)


It's turning into a throw-sized quilt ... Actually, this is a picture before the borders ... Next pictures I take, this'll have some gray borders and a floral border. I'm planning to piece a back out of a couple of grays, and maybe a bit of floral ...

These floral kaleidoscopes are made from a floral sheet. Not exactly a vintage sheet, and not exactly all-cotton. But the floral was just right for this kind of kaleidoscope. The gray background is a cotton sheet I bought at Wal-Mart when I needed just-that-color-of-gray for another project, and didn't have time to get to the fabric store. 

I'm enjoying making this quilt top & looking forward to quilting it soon.

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