Friday, January 3, 2014

What I got for Christmas ...

My wonderful husband thinks of the nicest gifts ...
For Christmas, he got me a quilting frame that works with a regular sewing machine!
ProsperityStuff Quilting on a Flynn Multi Frame
It's a Flynn Multi-Frame, and I'm loving it. It's a handy little setup that holds and tensions the quilt back separately from the quilt top, while holding everything together securely enough that no basting is required.
ProsperityStuff machine quilting on a frame
Welcome to wrinkle-free quilt backs! Yay!

ProsperityStuff pieced quilt back
This quilt frame allows for the kind of free-motion-quilting that I love, with very few limitations.
For now, the quilt frame rods are sized for small quilts, but the rods are interchangeable for longer ones, so that's a great option to look into soon. 

ProsperityStuff - Lightweight quilt frame recommendation
Seriously, this thing is amazing. See the FlynnQuilt website, and watch their video to see the versatility. (This is not a paid endorsement, just the honest opinion of a happy quilter!)

ProsperityStuff FMQ quilt back & top rolled on quilt frame
This is progress on one of those baby quilts I started a couple months ago.
ProsperityStuff FMQ quilt on a Flynn Multi-Frame
With my new quilt frame, I've already quilted 3 little quilts, and I'm thrilled! 

ProsperityStuff FMQ on a Flynn Multi-Frame
The pictures in this post are pictures of just one of those three just-quilted quilts. (White on the front, pinks and purples on the back.)

ProsperityStuff FMQ on a quilt frame
I had fun trying out a lot of little favorite FMQ designs on this one, with fun results.

ProsperityStuff FMQ by machine on a quilt frame

I have a bit more customizing to do on this quilt, and then binding, so I should have a "finished" post on this one soon.

ProsperityStuff pieced quilt back quilted on a frame
So far, so good!
Be watching for another post soon about the other two quilts I just quilted on my new quilt frame!
ProsperityStuff baby quilt - white with squares

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