Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Monday Morning Star Count (Wednesday Edition!)

Even though most of my sewing happens at the sewing machine, I love the chance to sew from a comfy spot on the couch or rocking chair. So I keep a handsewing project or two in the works ...
Here's my very tiny English Paper Piecing project. It's going to be a wall-hanging ... hopefully soon. I mentioned a tiny bit of progress in a November post, but that was not much progress since the September milestone post ...

Since the pieces for this are so small, I keep a very tiny sewing kit so that it's a portable project. This way, I can toss in my purse or tote bag, or keep it in the car for when I need some sewing to fill a bit of "waiting" time ... Small. Simple. Portable.
The assembled hexagons don't fit in the tin any more, but the tin has plenty of room for fabric circles, hexagon papers, thimble, needles, thread, and tiny scissors.
Sometimes, just a little extra motivation makes the difference in keeping consistent progress happening ... so I'm excited that Jessica's Life Under Quilts blog is hosting a Monday Morning Star Counts weekly link-up.
Even though it's no longer Monday Morning, I'm linking this post to this week's Monday Morning Star Count, and looking forward to seeing what some other quilters are working on this week.
This is going to be framed in an 8½" x 11" frame, so I just have some white background pieces to finish. Haven't counted the number of hexagons still needed, so let's just say, I need about another inch of height, and another inch of width, all in white ...


  1. I love the way your mini quilt is coming along. I am doing the same setting on my grandmothers flower garden quilt. Your Juicy Fruit tin is a fun way to keep your pieces together, so cheerful.

  2. Your tini hexagon quilt looks so great.

    Greetings, Manuela

  3. Very cute! Every time I see your progress, I think about starting a tiny quilt like yours.

  4. Oh…I love the tiny hexie quilt- it is perfect! What an awesome tin for your kit. Wish I could find something that cute!

  5. I want to make a mini now! I would love to frame it, too!!

  6. Oh, my goodness! That gives new meaning to the word mini. It's darling!

  7. this is so cute! And you're so close to being finished~~
    Thanks for linking up.


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