Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I Quilted the Blue Shirt Quilt!

After so long a time ... I quilted The Shirt Quilt!
As you may recall, this one is made almost completely out of men's dress shirts. (I may have mentioned shirt-fabric in my blog posts about Fabric and on Dress Shirt Quilts.)

ProsperityStuff Finished Blue Shirt Quilt

The Shirt Quilt Top was finished over a year ago. I posted about it several times ... the process for making the blocks was a favorite, discussed a couple times (see posts here and here), and this was one of the quilts that inspired my posts on my favorite fabric designers (see posts here and here.)

Just a few weeks ago, I figured out what to do with this quilt top: Quilt it for my youngest daughter! 

ProsperityStuff Machine Quilting on Dress Shirt Quilt

A few years ago, I made scrap quilts for all my girls. For the older two, I made twin-sized quilts (see a glimpse of the twin-size scrap quilts on the clothesline. *Update: More pics of the aqua scrap quilt, and the pink scrap quilt - and a couple others - are in this post of quilts on the clothesline.) At the time, my youngest daughter was quite small, so the quilt I made for her was quite small, too.

ProsperityStuff Free Motion Quilting on Dress Shirt Quilt

So, since my youngest daughter didn't have a twin-sized quilt made-by-mom, I finished this one up for her recently.

ProsperityStuff Variegated Quilting on Dress Shirt Quilt

The quilting was SO EASY compared to some quilts I've quilted. This may have been partly due to the lightweight low-loft batting. But I'm pretty sure it's largely due to my new Ultimate Quilting Kit (see it here at Leah Day's shop - I got it on sale a few weeks ago, and I LOVE IT! And, no, nobody's paying me to say so, but it has been helping tremendously with my quilting!) 

Our kitty has a radar-sense for quilts ... she shows up out of nowhere every time a quilt gets put on the floor. She has to come examine the quilt! (Incidentally, the only time this kitty willingly sits on anyone's lap is if the lap has a quilt on it!)

ProsperityStuff Kitty examines Shirt Quilt

In addition to my usual sign-the-quilt method (my initials and the year free-motion-quilted into the corner of the quilt), I also added some extra personalization this time ... 

ProsperityStuff Custom Personalization on Shirt Quilt

Here's the quilted quilt, right before I put on the binding ... The back of the quilt is solid navy blue, and so's the binding. I quilted it with variegated blue thread, which looks great on the front AND the back.

ProsperityStuff Quilted Shirt Quilt

When Friday comes along, I'll be linking this post to this week's Finish It Up Friday at CrazyMomQuilts ... check back for a link on Friday!


  1. I'll bet your daughter is so pleased. The quilt is beautiful!

  2. Love your quilt. Really love the idea of free motion quilting the label. Much nicer than a sharpie!

  3. What a great quilt..I am sure your youngest daughter will love it.


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