Friday, October 5, 2012

The Shirt Quilt Top

I'm really pleased to have finished The Shirt Quilt Top!

The Shirt Quilt Top - ProsperityStuff

I've mentioned this one a few times, including here and here

The Shirt Quilt Top closeup - ProsperityStuff

This has been a fun one to work on ... The inspiration came from those awesome foundation-pieced/string-pieced blocks that make such neat quilts. But, since I wasn't in the mood for any foundation-piecing (paper-, or otherwise), I opted for a different process (described somewhat in the previous posts here and here) ... It was lots of fun.

I love the way it's possible to sew something together, then slice it up, then sew it together again! Talk about transformation!

Making Quilt Blocks out of shirts - ProsperityStuff  Trimming Quilt Blocks cut from shirts - ProsperityStuff

I love the "diamonds" look, and how each diamond is unique, and how the "stripes" in each row of diamonds point a different direction than the ones in the next row.

Quilt Top made from men's dress shirts - ProsperityStuff

I also love that this quilt top is made out of 8 or 10 shirts. Men's shirts from the thrift store. (Remember my posts about my favorite fabric designers? Tommy Hilfiger, Yep, favorite designer fabrics in this quilt top!) 

The only fabric in this quilt top that's not from a shirt is the narrow sashing between the diamonds ... The light-blue-and-white stripe was a bit of yardage I found at a thrift store, so it goes right along with the thrifted shirts, and it even looks like it could've been a shirt. I love it!

Shirt Quilt Block Sashings - ProsperityStuff

So, as I'm typing, I'm smiling at this quilt top that's draped over my couch. The quilt top is 69 inches by 79 inches, and it pretty much covers the couch! Not that it's staying there ... I'm just impressed that the quilt top turned out this big!

Quilt Top made from men's shirts - ProsperityStuff

I'm still not sure what I'll be doing with this quilt top ... either quilting it myself, or passing it along to someone else who wants to quilt it ... but for now, I'm enjoying having finished The Shirt Quilt Top. 

Since it's Friday, and since Amanda Jean at CrazyMomQuilts has started back up with her Finish It Up Friday link party, I'm looking forward to seeing some neat quilty finishes there. And I'll be linking this post to this week's Finish It Up Friday.

Also ~ I'm linking this post to this week's Sew and Tell Friday at AmyLouWho's blog ~ it's another fun group of quilty projects ...

UPDATE: I quilted this quilt in November 2013! To see the finished product, see the post entitled "I Quilted the Blue Shirt Quilt!"


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm really pleased with it.
      Glad you stopped by my blog!
      ~ Susie at ProsperityStuff

  2. Wow, this is beautiful and shows a lot of expertise & time!

    1. Thank you! I really have enjoyed working on this one, and I'm happy with how it turned out.
      ~ Susie

  3. I've been collecting my hubby's work shirts for one of these quilts, and its lovely to see such an amazing finished version. Gorgeous shapes and great fabrics. Hope mine turns out as bonny as yours :)

    1. Awesome! It's always a great feeling to transform something "old" into something really great and new!

  4. Over from Crazy Mom Quilts.. And you make me realise that I have not touched my shirt quilt for a long time. Yours looks great!

  5. That's really cool! We have a really old quilt my husband's grandmother made and it is obviously made from clothes, too. It is really cherished. I love how you recycled thrifted items. That is near and dear to my heart.

  6. Wow, very nice! I love the quilt.

  7. Thanks for checking out my blog. I love this shirt quilt. Gorgeous

  8. Nice shirt quilt. I just picked up a bunch at the last day of a rummage sale and need to think about how I'll use them. I like your technique for making the diamonds.

  9. You are genius - I've been saving my husband's worn out shirts (just the cuffs and collars) for a while now. What a great idea!


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