Monday, April 15, 2013

Quilts on the Clothesline

I'm not one to take my quilts on photo-shoot field-trips. I don't recall ever laying a quilt on the grass or on the snow or on a playground for a photo op. Apparently, those are "the things" to do if you're a quilt-blogger. (And I have to say, there are some impressive quilt-photos out there!)

Since I'm a regular-mom-quilt-blogger, my finished-quilt-pics usually happen on my living room floor. Or couch. Or chair.

That being said, my quilts do sometimes hang on the clothesline, to dry, after being washed.

Windy spring days are just right for quilts to be on the line.

My oldest daughter took these pictures of the quilts on the clothesline.

The kids kept looking out the window at the quilts on the line, and commenting on how great the quilts look from afar.

The girls were impressed that the log cabin quilt looks "so different" on the clothesline than on a bed. This quilt (below) was the first twin-sized log cabin quilt I ever made. It's been in the girls' room off and on pretty much forever. But I guess seeing the blocks up close makes it harder to see the overall/secondary patterns ...

It's fun how the wind and the sunshine & shadows play with the quilts on the line.

These two quilts below are two of the first twin-sized scrap quilts I ever made.

And the fresh spring air makes the quilts smell wonderful!


  1. Fun pictures! Glad your dd took them so you can have them and that you shared them
    Your quilts are really pretty.

    I am a regular person-home seamstress too :)

  2. I live on a farm with cows behind the house, weird fences, flowers wilted because of the heat, so I find it very difficult to take pictures of my quilts outdoors. And inside is too dark :) until I drag out lamps and cords to make it bright enough. Your quilts look wonderful blowing in the wind, and the smell will be fantastic when you bring them inside.

    BTW, I'm loving your blog!


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