Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Work-In-Progress Bags

Several days ago, I had some time to sew, and wanted to do something "different" but not too hard.

I remembered the Work In Progress Bags that Amanda Jean at CrazyMomQuilts made, since she mentioned them in a recent post; I'd seen the info about her pattern, and loved the concept.

Since I've had a nice scrap of clear vinyl lying around, and since I've wanted to try the idea, I thought that would be fun. Not having the pattern, I thought I'd just do my own thing, and try to get a similar result. Or wait? Did I win a giveaway for that pattern? No, it was Amanda Jean's "Trees" pattern that I won, I think.

Anyway, soon, I had a couple of similar -- but different -- results that I was happy with: flat vinyl bags, with zippers and fabric edges.

This storage method is a lot more classy than the ziploc-bag + grocery-bag storage system these projects were in before.

Funny story, though: the next time I checked my Quilt Patterns file on the computer ... YES, I own the Work In Progress Bags pattern! I DID get it in a giveaway from Amanda Jean, and I'd forgotten I have it! Hahaha!

So, one of these days, when I get some more vinyl, I'll have to try to make these the "real" way!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

UFO Challenge

I'm working to finish some projects, so this started happening last weekend: 
Quilting on the Hopscotch Butterscotch quilt ... I made the pieced back for it last week.

In the interest of full disclosure, some of this happened, too! Oops.

In other news, I'm working on the back for my pumpkins quilt

I had sewn a little a few weeks ago, working lots of scraps (and leftovers from another project -- see the end of this post) into my plan.

Got that quilt back done!
(Inspiration: "Connect Four" quilt pattern from the book "Country Girl Modern" by Jo Kramer and Kelli Hanken ... I changed it up a lot, to use the scraps and sizes I have, but the concept is similar, and their design was my inspiration for this one.)

As I work on my UnFinished Objects, it's a great help to have a weekly link party as a check-in -- it keeps me motivated to have something to share, and it's fun to see what other quilters are working on.

My post is a little late (meant to post on Wednesday), but I'm linking it anyway -- to this week's UFO Challenge at Jo's Country Junction.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Purple Socks

Knitting these socks lately ...


I find that it works well for me to have both socks going at once, so they both kind of get done at the same time!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

UFO Quilt Progress

My UnFinished Objects are coming along!

This past long weekend gave me a little sewing time ...

I put three borders on this one ...

... (two white borders with a purple one in between)...

It's the final step in getting this 1008-square quilt top finished.

And, I put a couple two-yard pieces of fabric together with a whole bunch of pretty scraps ...

... to make a quilt back ...

... for this quilt top.

So, that feels like a lot of progress for these two.
I just checked, and these two haven't showed up in my UFO list this year, but I mentioned them a few times a couple years ago (See here and here and here.)


I'm linking this post to this week's UFO Challenge link party at Jo's Country Junction. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

UFOs by hand ...

This past week, I haven't done a lot of sewing, and what I have done has been hand-stitching.

My Vintage-Inspired English Paper Piecing has been a fun long-term project.

Right now, I'm adding whiteish diamonds around the edges. Finishing this row requires another 50 or so diamonds.

There'll be another row of colorful diamonds soon, but I'm not sure if that's next, or if I'll need more of the white-and-cream.

Even my kitty-quilt-inspector has been enjoying this project!

I'm linking this post to Jo's weekly UFO Challenge at Jo's Country Junction, and looking forward to seeing what UnFinished Objects other quilters have been working on!

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