Wednesday, October 24, 2018


One of the things I should do more often is write blog posts.

Sometimes, my dilemma is: Do I want nicely-polished, wordy posts occasionally, or do I want simple (Instagram-style) captioned pictures, more frequently?

Actually, there's probably room for both, so, here's my picture for today:

I just rediscovered an afghan I started (5 or 10) years ago. I'm finishing it! It's the perfect fall project!

Saturday, September 8, 2018

T-Shirt Yarn

In not-so-quilty news, I'm still occasionally making T-Shirt Yarn.

I usually either crochet with this fun, bulky yarn, or I sell it on eBay

Currently, I've got some T-Shirt Yarn, some Vintage Toys, and some Minecraft-Style Quilts for sale on eBay.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Quilt-y Kaleidoscopes and Mitered Corners!

I've been fascinated by quilt-y kaleidoscopes ever since I knew they existed.

ProsperityStuff Kaleidoscope Quilt on Clothesline

Octagons, hexagons, (more hexagons!), squares, you name it. (This post has pictures of a variety of  kaleidoscopes I've made.)

ProsperityStuff Hexagon Kaleidoscope Quilt

So, I have been interested to see some of the things Jinny Beyer has done with border prints in kaleidoscope-like designs. (Some of her free patterns are in the Free Patterns and Quilter's Block Library sections of her website.)

ProsperityStuff Square Kaleidoscope with Jinny Beyer fabric

Imagine my surprise when I found, at my favorite thrift store, a big bundle (5+ yards!) of Jinny Beyer fabric!

ProsperityStuff bought fabric called Monticello by Jinny Beyer

I had no idea what to do with it, but figured I would come up with something!
These designs are border prints, with a lot of symmetry built in, to make it easier/prettier to get geometric designs and mitered corners to work.

ProsperityStuff got fabric called Monticello by Jinny Beyer

Lately, most of my quilt backs have been pieced quilt backs. In some cases, the back is pretty detailed. Like a whole 'nother quilt. Because, really, I have enough fabric. I don't need to by more. So a lot of my currently-in-progress quilt "backs" look a lot like quilt tops.

Anyhoo ... Here's a quick look at my latest kaleidoscope-like quilt bits for a quilt "back".
Each of these squares was made of 4 matching triangles ... That way, the stripes make mitered corners. Very cool.

ProsperityStuff Kaleidoscope designs with Monticello fabric by Jinny Beyer

I'm also auditioning some of the fabric for borders on some coordinating stuff ...

ProsperityStuff border from Monticello fabric by Jinny Beyer

 I'm having fun! More details later!

Christmas in September?

It occurs to me that I haven't mentioned my Quilt-and-Felt Christmas Ornaments, at least not lately.

My Etsy shop has a variety of cute ornaments that I've made.

Maybe you're like me and you're trying to beat the last of the summer heat by looking forward to cool, crisp fall and winter ...

Possibly, you want to be reminded that Thanksgiving is less than three months away, and Christmas is only four months away!

Take a look at the Christmassy things in my Etsy shop!

Monday, September 3, 2018

More Custom Baby Name Quilts

In a post the other day, I mentioned making Custom Baby Name Quilts ... because they make great gifts. I got inspired to make a few more!

ProsperityStuff Pink Custom Baby Name Quilt

I got a lot of quilting done relatively fast thanks to my Flynn Multi-Frame. (I've blogged about it before ... including posts here and here.) Not many people seem to use a quilting frame with a regular sewing machine, but it's a great option!

ProsperityStuff Quilting on a Frame with Regular Sewing Machine

The frame quilting is not something I do all the time, and it does take some getting used to, but I LOVE the results!

After a lot of quilting ...

ProsperityStuff Quilting Frame with domestic machine

... and a lot of binding ...

ProsperityStuff Binding on Flannel Minnie Mouse Quilt

... I've got some adorable pink flannel-and-cotton quilts in my Etsy shop -- these are ready to customize and personalize!

ProsperityStuff Pink Personalized Baby Name Quilt for Sale

Custom-lettering is a fun way to personalize a quilt ... These quilts are specifically made to allow for a baby name to be quilted in!

Friday, August 31, 2018

A Finished Quilt!

A few months ago, this quilt got finished!

I really enjoyed putting this quilt together. It was mostly pieced a couple of years ago. (I blogged about it a few times ... including here, here, and here. It seems like I started blogging about this one in 2016 - including posts like this one.)

It's my version of "Hopscotch Butterscotch" from Bonnie Hunter's book Adventures With Leaders and Enders.

This quilt has the look that I like to call the "organized scrappy" look ... lots of scraps come together to make a great design. It's a scrappy quilt, and even the fabrics that "shouldn't" go together can look good together. They just work. 

To me, this is one of the reasons why quilts sometimes seem like life: a lot of little parts come together to make the whole, and a lot of surprises may come our way. In life, we can't always see what God's up to, but He has a plan, and He works out all things together for good for those who love Him. 

I love pieced backings on quilts! 
A little extra patchwork gives the back of the quilt its own special look.

The quilting was an all-over stippled design ... it's my favorite.

Straight-line quilting in the border adds a little more definition.

This quilt was a gift for a dear friend. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A Custom Baby Name Quilt!

I love making personalized gifts.

ProsperityStuff Custom Baby Name Quilt closeup

Quilts are my favorite baby gift, baby shower gift, welcome-baby gift!

ProsperityStuff Custom Baby Name Quilt

I love being able to give a gift that has a personal touch. Something custom. A little bit unique.
So, I loved making this quilt, and personalizing it for a friend's new baby.

ProsperityStuff Personalized Baby Name Quilt

Quilting the name in this style was a fun technique. Is it thread-painting? Maybe. I like it. I love how the letters stand out, even without any extra batting, just because of the dense quilting.

ProsperityStuff Baby Name Quilted Letters

This was a fun gift to make, and I've got a few little quilts similar to this for sale in my Etsy shop, all ready to customize.
 ProsperityStuff Quilted Letters in Custom Quilt

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