Thursday, January 31, 2013

That Little Shirt Quilt Top

Here's the latest on that little shirt quilt top I keep posting about ... It's coming along! In yesterday's post, I mentioned lots of nine-patches and snowball corners ... the results of those particular pictures is the quilt top in tomorrow's post. But the middle of THIS quilt top was the "test run" for that one ... 

I mentioned the triangle border in some of my (many) previous posts about this quilt top (here and here and here) ... Below is the picture right after the triangles were added. (This is before the most recent narrow outer border in a neutral color.)

One of the reasons I love this border is how cute and little the triangles are! (That's also one of the reasons why it took this long to get the border put together and stitched on!)

This quilt top is made completely out of shirts - which I love. 

Speaking of shirt fabric, I recently cut some "fat quarters" from cotton shirts - and those "fat quarters" are for sale this week in my eBay listings. They're standard fat quarter size (18" x 21") but they're cut from recycled shirts. So, if you know anyone who wants to sew with some great solids, stripes, and plaids, without the fuss and muss of cutting up shirts - take a look at my latest eBay listings

Right now, this quilt top is 38" x 48" ... I'm thinking of more borders to add, so it'll probably be a while before this one is done.

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