Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Dress-shirt Patchwork In Progress

If you saw my most recent post on the same topic ... this is more of the same. 

It's a small quilt top so far ... twenty-something inches by thirty-something ... And I'm brainstorming how to add some really cool borders that add size and interest.

And, since I consider this "test piece" pretty successful, I'm working on a set of several dozen nine-patches (and then several dozen of the modified snowball blocks) for a big quilt top ...

And, since I can't help myself, my mind is already planning at least two more shirt quilt tops after that! 

I'm pretty sure this kind of sewing is good for the creative side of my brain, because I find it very relaxing, as well as satisfying & challenging, to be designing & creating a few sewing projects at any given time.

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