Monday, November 5, 2012

More Dress-Shirt-Patchwork

I've been sewing with shirt fabric again.

ProsperityStuff Dress-Shirt Quilt Top in progress

Since fabric stores are few and far between here, and there are thrift stores galore, I've been stocking up on some great 100% cottons (from some of my favorite fabric designers!) at ridiculously great prices.

ProsperityStuff: Sewing with dress-shirt fabric

So, I've washed, pressed, and cut a whole bunch of shirts ...
And I've gotten out my graph paper and jotted down ideas ...

ProsperityStuff Recycled Fabric for Snowball-and-Nine-Patch

And I've had fun getting some progress made on my next couple of shirt quilt tops.
Updates and more pictures soon!

ProsperityStuff Dress-Shirt Quilt Top: Snowball-and-Nine-Patch

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