Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shirt-Quilt Nine Patches and Snowballs

I've had this plan drawn for a while on graph paper, and I've been working bit by bit on a couple of quilt tops made out of recycled cotton shirts ... 

The big quilt top has seventy-something EACH of nine-patches and snowball blocks; the other quilt top (the test one) has just a few.

Lots of progress has been happening on both quilt tops; I'm hoping to have some pics of both by the end of the week, so stay tuned.

It's kind of fun to have made some quilt tops entirely out of recycled shirts! (Now, I'm wondering, should I keep the "shirt" thing going by making the quilt backs entirely out of shirts?? Not sure ... We'll see.)

Like I said, more progress pics to show later this week. Aaaand, I'm hoping to list some fat-quarters-cut-from-shirts in my eBay listings later this week too. 

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