Friday, November 16, 2012

Fat Quarters Cut from Shirts

Since my favorite fabric designers lately are Tommy Hilfiger, Eddie Bauer, Old Navy, and the like, I've had a lot of fun turning a lot of 100% cotton shirts into usable fabric.

I've been cutting recycled shirts into the pieces for my latest shirt-quilt projects
I've also been cutting fat quarters out of the shirts.

I guess I can't strictly say these are fat quarters, since none of these are the result of a criss-cross cut of an entire yard of fabric. But they measure 18" x 22", the exact size of a fat quarter. And they're all 100% cotton, reclaimed textiles, and great for sewing!

And, since I figure that other quilters might be looking for a nice, neat little stack of shirt fabric, many of these will be showing up in my eBay and Etsy listings soon. (They might not necessarily be sold in the exact groupings pictured, since I'm continually adding to my stack of these ...)

So, that's another thing (among many things) that I like to do with thrift-store shirts!

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