Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This. Is. Exciting.

Well, exciting in a sewing-geek kind of way: 

According to this post, I started on this in December. (Didn't realize it's been than long!) 
Since this is English Paper Piecing, it's all stitched by hand, and it's become one of my favorite rocking-chair crafts.

Seems like there's always a lot of little bits coming together ... 


And one of my most-portable projects right now is a set of "parts" to put together the edge pieces that are whites and off-whites and creams ...

... which means that the minute I got the stars done, I was ready to add the beginning of the last side border!

Being realistic, I have to point out that I'm planning on a lot of diamond-border. So it'll be a while before this piece is done. Another row or two of cream-and-white diamonds, and then a single row of colored diamonds, and then a lot more white-and-cream. 

Too ambitious, maybe? But, right now, the whole thing is only 40" x 32". So I want the diamond-border part to be pretty substantial, to give the quilt a nice size. (Yeah. I used tiny diamonds. Remind me to use bigger diamonds when I try this design.)

In any case, I'm pretty excited about the progress! 

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