Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vintage Quilt-y Bits ...

A really long time ago, I came across a little stack of vintage fabric, already cut into appliqués (butterflies, I think), with the edges turned under and basted. Cute. Vintage. 

Quite old, as far as I can tell ... "actual" vintage, not reproduction fabrics, so I was kind of hesitant to do anything with them ... On the one hand, I didn't like the butterfly shapes, and didn't want to appliqué; on the other hand, I didn't want to cut the fabric; didn't want to mess up the cute vintage-ness.

But I finally decided that since I like the fabric, I should turn it into something cute that I will like. 

I've been seeing pictures of diamond English Paper Piecing (mostly at lifeunderquilts Just. Wow. And also here. Wow again.) I really like the diamond-star-tumbling-block look. 

So, finally, a couple weeks ago, I dared to cut the cute vintage fabric (yes! I did!), so I can try diamond-shaped English Paper Piecing. Here's the design idea I'm going with - the colors are random, just to give me an idea of where the colored pieces go, and where the plain muslin ones go.

 (Yay for free printable graph papers ... got this paper here and the printable diamonds to print on cardstock here)

And, since coloring on neat shapes is nearly irresistible, a small helper did some color-designing, too ...

And, as for the sewing, I'm super-pleased to report progress! I'm loving it!

Here's the first star ...

And the next one ...

Working on the 3rd star ...

And here's the combination of all of the above ...

Take Your Time Tuesday at So Happy is a fun spot to mention hand-stitching work like this ... So I'm planning to link this post to this week's Take Your Time Tuesday ...

(By the way, if you've seen a couple of my previous Tuesday posts, you might want to check out the finished product on my Christmas Hexagons Quilt ...)

Fabric Tuesday at QuiltStory is another fun place to see fabric projects of all kinds, and I'm linking this post to this week's Fabric Tuesday, as well. (Click the button below for the most recent Fabric Tuesday).

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  1. I just love those stars! And the story behind you're finding the vintage fabric and now using it is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your diamond stars look great. Much better than butterflies. I really should get on with mine...

    incompetech.com/graphpaper also has free printable sheets for colouring.

  3. While I do like vintage butterflies, I think what you are doing with the fabric is as beautiful. It is so nice to give those fabrics new life into something that will be treasured. Lucky find!

  4. Your diamond stars are lovely. I have been inspired by your blog to try to make my own star quilt, but am expiencing a few problems. I can't get my centres lovely and neat like yours. Can you tell me how you do it?

    Julie B in UK

    1. Julie B - One of my favorite tutorials comes from LifeUnderQuilts.blogspot.com - here's a link for a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2nkCdciXDa8 . I don't use the same kind of plastic diamonds that Jessica uses in the video (I cut my own from cardstock) - but my construction method is a lot like hers. Hope this helps!


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