Thursday, December 29, 2011

Little Quilt Circles

I had such fun making this quilt for my newest baby niece ...

Here's a close-up ... I was pleased with how the hand-quilted circles in matching colors turned out ...

There were more pictures, but the computer ate them somewhere  between the SD card and the hard drive.  (Yikes.)

This quilt has been in progress for a few weeks ... I mentioned it in this post and in this post ... And I drew a lot of inspiration from this quilt and these blocks, as well as a circles quilt in this book ...

The rainbow look was fun (I love variety!), and the crazy-quilty-ness was fun (I love "made fabric"!), and the circles were fun (I love quilt circles!). 

Fun quilt. And I'm excited for my sister and her family as they welcome their newest little one. 


  1. Looks great. The matching thread around the circles is extra cute. I've never done made fabric but I have been considering it for an upcoming project. Your's is tempting me to go for it.

  2. Congrats on the new niece...quilt is lovely


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