Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Quilt Top a Dozen Years Later ...

A couple of weeks ago, I reached a milestone in an ongoing project of mine ... After a very (very) long time, I finished piecing a quilt top that I've been working on (off and on) for a dozen years! Yes. A dozen.

You know those projects that you love, that you want to do "just right", that you procrastinate about? (Do you have those kind?) This is one of those. I love it.

This one started out ages ago when I had made about one quilt. I knew I could quilt, so I was gathering fabric here and there, when I found fabric I liked.

When I saw a quilt at my friend Dianne's house, I fell in love with it. There was an awesome quilt on her guestroom bed. So I drew her quilt on the only scrap of paper I had handy.

Since I had the fabric, and loved the quilt pattern, I decided to go for it, even though this quilt involved diamonds. I'd told myself I wouldn't mess with diamonds again after piecing the other diamonds quilt.

I figured and measured and computerized my quilt design (back when I didn't even know they had computer-quilt-design software) ... I'm pretty sure my mom helped me figure and calculate and plan ...

I colored in the "pattern". And cut fabric. And sorted. And put pieces in little baggies. All organized.

The quilt top, and its backing fabric, and its extra scraps have spent a lot of time in this box ... It's a good feeling to finally have the quilt top constructed.

 In fact, the same afternoon that I got the quilt top done, I immediately went to the store and bought batting and safety pins. For the next step. So that I can pin it and start to quilt it. Because I've had the backing fabric ever since I started the quilt. A dozen years ago.

So, yes, it's not quilted yet. I'm planning to machine quilt. Because I know myself. And I know that the last time I decided to hand-quilt a big project, it was a decade-long process of off and on ... Like I said, that hand-quilted quilt was, and is, awesome. So awesome that it has lived on my bed ever since I finished quilting it. But I think I'll machine-quilt this newest quilt, so that it won't take another decade ... Stay tuned ...

Since this is definitely a work in progress, I'm linking this post to Work in Progress Wednesday at Freshly Pieced ... Click the button below to see some other great works in progress!

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  1. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous. It must be amazing to have it finished after all those years. I hope you're feeling proud because it's stunning x

  2. Wow - that's very cool! Congrats!

  3. How exciting to have completed the top after all these years. I have a bargello quilt I did in Japanese fabrics that I have been putting off quilting on my sewing machine(I have the top pieced) because I want to do it "just right". I think it's going to be my January for me project to recover from all the Christmas gift sewing going on here.


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