Saturday, November 12, 2011

More English Paper Piecing Hexagons

Newest hexagons for my Christmas Quilt ...

ProsperityStuff Red Christmas EPP HexagonsGreen Christmas EPP Hexagons

Here's how it's looking ... Once I sew these two in, along with the white/neutral one from my earlier post, then I just have three more hexagon-flowers to add. (See the resemblance between the quilt top and its "pattern"? Fun, huh? Really, the pattern is paper-sized, and the quilt is about 3 feet wide.)

ProsperityStuff Christmas EPP Hexagon QuiltProsperityStuff Christmas EPP Hexagon Quilt Diagram

After I finish the quilt top, I "just" have to stitch this part to something (I'm debating between two different cream/tan sheets I've got for background), then add some sort of border (I'm debating between sewing a bunch of leftover red-white-green squares together, or stitching on some random hexagons as border), then add batting and a backing (I'm debating between the "elegant" Christmas fabric, the Veggie Tales Christmas fabric, and the "other" sheet that I don't use for the background on the front.) So, yeah, plenty to do.

Stay tuned for more on the Christmas Quilt project ...

Since this IS a work in progress, I'm hoping to link this post to Work In Progress Wednesday at Freshly Pieced ... So if you're visiting from Freshly Pieced, HI, and thanks for stopping by! I love the inspiration of seeing what others are busy sewing. Have a great week!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

AND, since this is a "made by hand" project (so far, anyway), I'm linking this post to a new Take Your Time Tuesday at So Happy - So, thanks to Kristen for the encouragement on needle-and-thread projects, and Hi to anyone visiting from her links!


  1. Beautiful! I LOVE hexies and this is going to be amazing.

  2. Wow - you're almost there. It looks fantastic :)

  3. Fantastic, how exciting to be almost finshed

  4. I love the hexagons! I'm working on one too. It's a lot of work, but your end result is going to be stunning!

  5. Your hexies look great, they actually remind me of flowers, so pretty!

  6. That really is gorgeous! I love your jeans quilt too !

  7. I love hexagons. They are so pretty and precise! I have the paper to make some but just haven't yet. And I've been saying that for far too long. Time to get started! :)


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