Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Work-In-Progress Bags

Several days ago, I had some time to sew, and wanted to do something "different" but not too hard.

I remembered the Work In Progress Bags that Amanda Jean at CrazyMomQuilts made, since she mentioned them in a recent post; I'd seen the info about her pattern, and loved the concept.

Since I've had a nice scrap of clear vinyl lying around, and since I've wanted to try the idea, I thought that would be fun. Not having the pattern, I thought I'd just do my own thing, and try to get a similar result. Or wait? Did I win a giveaway for that pattern? No, it was Amanda Jean's "Trees" pattern that I won, I think.

Anyway, soon, I had a couple of similar -- but different -- results that I was happy with: flat vinyl bags, with zippers and fabric edges.

This storage method is a lot more classy than the ziploc-bag + grocery-bag storage system these projects were in before.

Funny story, though: the next time I checked my Quilt Patterns file on the computer ... YES, I own the Work In Progress Bags pattern! I DID get it in a giveaway from Amanda Jean, and I'd forgotten I have it! Hahaha!

So, one of these days, when I get some more vinyl, I'll have to try to make these the "real" way!

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