Saturday, February 4, 2017

Raggedy Ann ... From the attic!

Occasionally, my husband's parents find fun things in their attic that they don't still need. If they think I might use them, they pass them along. A few years ago, they gave me a couple of preprinted Raggedy Ann doll/dress sets ... the kind that are preprinted on fabric. I kept thinking that one of these years, my girls or I might sew them. 

I finally took the time to finish up a Raggedy Ann doll!

I had some extra sewing time one weekend, and worked on that orange quilt project leader-and-ender style, in between getting this Raggedy Ann doll and her clothes sewn.

I had fun trying out a new tiny-rolled-hem presser-foot for the hems on the little clothes ...

It's about a 20" Raggedy Ann doll, so it was small, but still, I was surprised to get so much done in one (long) sitting!

What fun! My baby daughter got this Raggedy Ann doll for her recent birthday.

I got this much done in that one (long) sewing session: (the doll + clothes, but no yarn hair) while also assembling this much of the center of that orange quilt top.

A couple weeks later, I stitched in the yarn hair. 

Black hair on a Raggedy Ann doll? Yes!

When I was little, my sister and I had a giant Raggedy Ann doll, made by our great-aunt. The doll's yarn hair was black. So, of course, decades later, when my sister made giant Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls for my older girls, she made them with black yarn hair. And, so, it only made sense, that the newest little doll have black yarn hair, too.

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  1. She has a sweet, friendly little face. I'm glad you shared her with us, and lucky baby daughter to have her for a gift.


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