Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas Stocking Ornaments

(We're still within the 12 Days of Christmas, right? I can still post about Christmassy things ...)

Last month, I made some super-cute Christmas ornaments ... Inspired by a Pinterest idea that I pinned ages ago.
Scrappy on the front, felt on the back, straight-stitched and raw edges, topped with some white fleece that I found with my felt.

These were a fun, quick project, and it was nice to have a few to give away. I always intend to do things like this, but always run out of time.

This year, I happened to see on someone else's tree an ornament I'd made for them in the past ... nothing fancy, but it warmed my heart to see it there. It reminded me that the effort doesn't go unnoticed.

It makes me want to get some little Christmas ornaments made ahead of time to include with Christmas gifts and cards next year ...

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