Sunday, July 2, 2017

Crumb quilt beginnings

Not long ago, one of my favorite quilt blogs mentioned a scrap-quilting technique that intrigued me: using adding-machine paper tape as foundation paper for long strips of crumb quilting. The middle of the post in the above link talks about it, and references this post from QuiltedTwins which explains the process simply and well.

So I've been trying it! Fun! So far, I've got 155 inches of yellow crumb quilt roll, and it's about two-and-a-quarter inches wide.

In some ways, I'm on a quest to use up more fabric. (In other ways, using fabric seems to convince me that I should definitely buy all fabric that's bargain-priced ... so that's kind of a problem.) :-)

Anyhoo, this is a fun way to use up a bunch of random scraps. While I suppose this sort of "border" is more time-consuming than some, it's also lots of fun.

The paper gives a nice stability to a piece of "made fabric" that would otherwise be impossibly skinny. (Like other blocks that are "foundation-pieced" on paper, the paper will get taken off in the process of completing a quilt, but for now, the paper is great.

In between seams on the paper-piecing, I used my Christmas trees as Leaders and Enders (see Bonnie Hunter's awesome explanation here), and so now, I've got another 50 trees almost done.


So, check back in a few days for more on what I'm doing with this crazy adding-machine tape foundation pieced crumb quilting. (Can you tell I don't know what to call it?! Haha!)

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