Tuesday, June 13, 2017

O Christmas Tree ...

I recently bought a new tool and wanted to try it out ... The Tri-Recs ruler set intrigued me, and to make blocks out of triangles that are different than my usual 60-degree or 45-degree ones, it made sense to have the special ruler set.

ProsperityStuff pic of Tri-Recs ruler tool

It happens that I had collected a bag of super-random Christmas prints for pennies at thrift stores, and I thought it would be fun to make a Christmas Tree quilt ... something like the ones I've pinned on Pinterest ... this pin or this pin or this one.

ProsperityStuff Christmas Tree Triangles

ProsperityStuff Christmas Tree Triangles with Tri-Recs ruler tool

In between other things (and to test my most-recently-cleaned-and-oiled sewing machines), I sewed together a few dozen of these:

ProsperityStuff Christmas Tree Quilt blocks made with Tri-Recs ruler tool

I think they'll make a fun Christmas quilt ... eventually!

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