Wednesday, May 18, 2016

UFO Challenge Update

Last week, I posted about the UFO Challenge that's sponsored by Jo's Country Junction, one of my favorite quilt-y blogs.

Thanks to the motivation of doing SOMEthing about some of my Un-Finished Objects, I got something done!!! During the past week, I decided to finish the one that was closest-to-done: The Hello Kitty Quilt. It was sitting in the closet, nearly-done, just needing its edges bound.


I got the binding done, and again admired the fun details. This quilt was supposed to be done this past Christmas, as a gift. I had it almost done, and then time got away from me. So, now, it's done, and ready to pop in the mail!

It's made of T-Shirt fabric squares, with Hello Kitty heads (also cut from T-Shirt fabric) stitched on top. Fleece backing, simple straight-line quilting. Super-cozy, and about twin-sized.

Also, since Jo's UFO Challenge is her own personal challenge to make progress on her several in-progress quilts that are designed by Bonnie Hunter, before Bonnie's new book comes out ... I thought I'd pull out the ONE Bonnie Hunter quilt that I'm working on. 

Last year, my family got me Bonnie Hunter's awesome book Adventures with Leaders and Enders as a gift. I started "Hopscotch Butterscotch", one of the quilts from the book, soon after receiving the book, but then I didn't have time to work on it.

Since I had some pieces already cut from scraps, I altered the pattern a little, to use sizes I had already cut ... I'm using 2½" squares and bricks, instead of 2". But this works out well, because my quilt will be bigger. 

Earlier this week, I got out what I'd started on (months ago!), to see how far I'd gotten. All the rail units are stitched and trimmed (20 sets of 4). All the (232) little squares are sewn into "twosies" and need to be sewn into four-patches.

I haven't cut any sashings or cornerstones. I love the piano-key border, but I haven't cut that yet, either.

Looking forward to working on this a bit at a time, among my other UFOs. (See my post from last week for a pictorial list of the other UFOs that are up for finishing!)

I'll be linking this post to this Wednesday's UFO Challenge at Jo's Country Junction. 

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