Monday, November 25, 2013

Grape and Leaf Kaleidoscopes

Way back earlier this year, I mentioned starting some new kaleidoscope quilt blocks. (These are in addition to the ones I mentioned last week. Same process. Different fabric.)

These ones look fall-ish, and grape-and-leaf-ish, and I like them! I've pieced all (or most?) of the dozens I cut out. So, now, I've been adding background pieces (beige-y brown), and next up will be sewing them into rows, and adding sashing to the rows, then adding borders. Again, same process as those floral kaleidoscopes from last week.

So, I'm thinking that my dozens of grape-and-leaf kaleidoscopes will turn into a couple of nice throw quilts. Eventually. When I get around to finishing them. (Is it any wonder that the fabric-cutting lady at Wal-Mart raised her eyebrows when I mentioned how impossible it would be for me to ONLY work on ONE project at a time, and/or have ALL my projects finished? She has no idea ... I should mention my blog to her ... Hahaha!)

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