Monday, September 23, 2013

Little bits of Batik Patchwork

I've been sewing bits of the Batik Double Wedding Ring quilt I mentioned cutting the pieces for ...

ProsperityStuff: Colorful Batik Double Wedding Ring quilt block components

Lots and lots of pieces got sewn together ... squares and arches and melon-shaped navy blue pieces.

ProsperityStuff: Sewing Batiks into Double Wedding Ring quilt

... with lots more still to come.

ProsperityStuff: Batik and Navy Double Wedding Ring patchwork

It seems I need eighty-something of these little melon-shaped units. 
I've got twenty-something made.

ProsperityStuff: Batik Double Wedding Ring components

Pretty good for a start. 
I love the colorfulness, with the navy background.

ProsperityStuff: Double Wedding Ring melon units


  1. Beautiful start!! I've never sewn with batiks; I guess I can't leave the comfort of little prints :)

  2. They are so pretty. Are you choosing the pieces randomly or putting the colors together on purpose?

  3. This DWR is going to be spectacular!


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