Monday, September 16, 2013

Beginning a Batik Double Wedding Ring Quilt

A few weeks ago, I mentioned starting to try some double-wedding-ring quilt blocks.

I made a relatively successful gingham DWR block.

Then I got a cheap deal on some cutesie fabric that would make a good next effort. Cut it and started sewing it. It's almost done. (More on that another day.)

My inspiration? I want to make a double wedding ring quilt with these pretty fabrics.

I got these batiks half-price (oh, joy!), and I was delighted. 

Laying things out to cut, measure, or photograph seems to set off the kitty's radar-sense that something quilt-y is ready for her inspection. (Happens every time. We find it hilarious.)

I'm making it with navy blue as the background color. (Heavy inspiration from this double wedding ring quilt from Jo's Country Junction.)

The navy blue was part of an all-cotton KING size sheet set I bought NEW for $11. Love deals like that. 

So now I've got all these pieces cut out. I marked each side of the the center of each of those curvey pieces. Hundreds of little snips. (Is there a better way? Anyhoo, it's a good rocking-chair activity, and it's done.)

Layout is going to look like this snapshot. 
Exciting stuff. Will post more pics when I have something sewn (and pressed)!

This is a quilt for me, and I'm loving it already. If it's done in time, I might enter it in that DWR Quilting Challenge, but I'm not pressuring myself, because the challenge deadline a pretty ambitious time frame for me to actually have a quilt pieced AND quilted.

And now that I've discovered the wonder that is variegated thread (I think I mentioned that here), I'm definitely planning to free-motion-quilt this thing with this thread. Love it!


  1. Beautiful batiks! The quilt will be gorgeous.

  2. Your fabrics are beautiful! Your first block layout is so stunning. I almost want to start a dwr myself.


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