Friday, September 20, 2013

Double Wedding Ring block trial-run

The other day, I mentioned starting my Batik Double Wedding Ring quilt
Here's the test-run for that one:

Got this cutesie fabric cheap. While I'm not really a Tinkerbell fan, the price was right to make a trial-run of a few blocks, using my new DWR templates I'd just bought from

Found out a few details that proved helpful. Found out I can do it, and the curves aren't really that bad. 

Finishing this one up soon, into a 16-block quilt top that'll measure around 40 inches square. I'll probably sell it as a quilt top, so somebody else can quilt it for a real Tinkerbell fan. :-)


  1. Very nice! I've made the double wedding ring quilt, but my arcs were pieced. I always had trouble with the "melons" between the arcs and the squares at the points. There is a box of pieces my mother cut out years ago; many are feed sack fabrics which I remember having dresses made from. I should work on them this winter.

  2. Good luck! A tricky pattern, but have fun!


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