Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Report on English Paper Piecing

This past week, I got a little EPP done while I was listening to some unrelated training videos on the computer. Just a bit of progress, but it's twice as much as last week!

A couple of people have asked exactly what size my hexagons are. I printed and cut out card stock templates that are 5/16" (about 8mm) - so, pretty small.

Since I'm making these into a framed wall hanging, and since my templates are just plain, white card stock, I'm probably going to just leave the templates in when I frame this. Good thing, too, since this is what the flowers look like from the back. 

In the past, when I've made individual hexagon flowers this small to embellish projects, taking the templates out required tweezers!

I'm linking this post to this week's Monday Morning Star Count at Life Under Quilts.

Here's how progress is looking:
6 hexagon+background sets
9 colored hexagons
2 white hexagons


  1. I love these tiny hexagons and want to make some myself. I hadn't thought about how to take out the templates! I can hardly wait to see the finished project.

  2. Lindos!!!!!!Um dia ainda me animo e faço tão pequenos assim.Parabéns!

  3. Cute little thingies :) I once started working with quarter-inch half-hexies... getting the papers out of those was no fun. Still, in my experience it helps if you keep the seam allowance on the slim side.

  4. A wall hanging? It would be wonderful. Just waiting to see it finished.

  5. I like your tiny hexagonflowers.

  6. I like how you are joining the flowers in pairs,I didn't think to do that with my hexie quilt. I love to see what others are doing as I always learn something new.

  7. This is just so pretty! I admire you for going with those tiny hexies! You must have lots of patience...


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